Guest post: A smoothie for banana haters!

I want to love smoothies, I really do, and both Cat and Nicola have made me yummy green smoothies that I’ve really liked, but invariably, the ones I’ve tried to recreate have always had bananas in. I’m quite particular about bananas: I like to eat them only, and they can’t be too ripe, never before a race because they make me feel sick during a run, never ever in a smoothie unless they’re well hidden and certainly no artificial banana flavours. 

So imagine my joy when the lovely Stephanie (not a real magpie!) offered to guest post for me, featuring a banana-less smoothie? She writes a blog that you should definitely check out: she’s got legs to die for, awesome taste in short shorts and bakes the most delicious-looking cakes when she’s not busy running marathons and being a yogi. We’re taking on the Yorkshire Three Peaks this year, and Steph is 100% in charge of snacks…

Baked Apple Smoothie

I rather love smoothies, I love them extra thick in a bowl, I love them almost juice like for a refreshing pick me up. But all my smoothies start with a banana. When I found out Sarah didn’t like bananas, I realised my boyfriend wasn’t the only weirdo banana hater and set about creating a smoothie recipe that would still be creamy and filling without the banana.
In addition my boyfriend (and possibly many of you) have seen me (or one of the million instagrams of LA hotties) drinking a green smoothie – which is one that has kale, spinach, watercress or similar added. These smoothies get particular disdain from my boyfriend. So to turn his head I snuck a handful of spinach in this one and he didn’t even notice.
The spinach makes this apple smoothie pleasingly green and the ice helps to keep it thick. The cinnamon adds a surprisingly Christmassy taste – so I’ll be revisiting this one later on in the year.
If you added some toasted oats or Granola on top I think you could get away with calling this an apple pie smoothie – why not.
I know it’s a bit American but I’ve done this recipe in cups, really it’s very flexible, use whatever receptacle you have, your favourite mug, guestimation whatever!

Serves one, easily doubled.
1 large apple, peeled, cored and sliced.
1 tsp cinnamon
½ cup yoghurt
1 cup ice
¼ cup water
Handful spinach
2 dates (if you like it sweet, I’d use 1 for me)
1 tsp flax seed
The night before you want to eat/drink your smoothie: sauté (fry gently) your apple slices until the start to go soft, add ½ of the cinnamon and continuing moving around the pan until the edges start to change colour and your kitchen is filled with the smell of apple pie – sorry about that folks.
Put the apples to one side to cool down and forget about them until morning.
The morning you want your smoothie: Grab your smoothie maker/blender type thing. Chuck in all the ingredients including the apple and the other ½ of the cinnamon. Put the lid on tight and whiz away on full speed until the ice has broken down – this took quite a long time in mine, as it is a bit underpowered.
Pour into your chosen glass and enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Guest post: A smoothie for banana haters!

  1. SMR

    That sounds amazing – thanks for sharing that Sarah! I can’t eat bananas (allergic) but I do love drinks that taste like Xmas…

    (really enjoyed your piece in Like the Wind, by the way – fantastic)

    secret_marathon_runner x


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