Out of the comfort zone: the Ilkley Triathlon

As anyone who has read this blog in recent months will know, I entered my first triathlon on a whim in May when I still couldn’t swim. Fast forward a few months and I found myself lining up at the side of a pool, waiting for my wave start.

I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed every moment of the Ilkley Triathlon, but it was a more fun experience than some of the past year’s running races have been. There was quiet pride when I swam the full 500m freestyle, without a nose clip, as my swimming coach cheered me on. There was pain as tackled Cote de Curly Hill, an unrelenting mile long slog up hill, on my bike three times, but there was also the childish joy of squealing ‘wheeeee!’ as I flew down the other side, feeling the wind in my hair and a big smile cross my face.

Ilkley Triathlon

There was a ‘my god this is vile!’ yelled to Rach as I left T2 and headed out to start the run, which only got worse as my calves cramped completely and I couldn’t run uphill. But you know what? I still belted to the finish down the other side of Cote de Curly Hill as fast as my tired little legs would carry me, with a big grin on my face, loving trying to chick the man in front of me on the way to the finish in a time of 1:30:43, not bad for someone who couldn’t even swim in May!

ilkley triathlonIMG_5014

Stepping out of my comfort zone was, it turns out, an awesome thing to do, and now I have a time target laid down for when I step out to race some more triathlons next year as an ambassador for Team Bear (more on that exciting piece of news later!). It’d be naive after one little sprint triathlon to be all ‘I’m a triathlete now!’, but I sure as hell would like to be in the future…

Thanks to Leeds Bradford Triathlon Club for putting on such a fantastic little race- a real credit to the local triathlon scene.

2 thoughts on “Out of the comfort zone: the Ilkley Triathlon

  1. Autumn

    So glad you enjoyed it!! I have no idea whatsoever about triathlons, all I know is that they look really difficult and from what I read it sounds like you smashed your first one, well done 🙂


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