The Sunday Summary – Part 5

After a brief festive break to get busy putting Baileys in every beverage and testing the limits of stollen consumption, as well as doing rather a lot of cycling, my Sunday Summary is back, where I round up some excellent things for you to read after your long run or ride. So settle down at the back, put on those recovery pants and fetch your snacks…

I always wonder how the world’s top athletes develop their mental approach towards pain and suffering during races, so I found this article interesting, especially reading about the contrast in approaches between two top triathletes.

I wrote my post about my word for 2015, but another little lady with some epic plans for 2015 is the lovely Autumn, who is planning to fly like a bird right over the London Marathon finish line in a very speedy time and wrote an excellent post about her word for the year.

Speaking of mental strength, there’s nobody stronger than Dame Chrissie in that regard, so this article of hers makes pretty good reading too (and you really ought to read her book, you know!)

And whilst we’re on the topic of triathlon, I really enjoyed this post about some unconventional essentials for the budding triathlete, and why spending zillions of pounds on aero kit might not actually be the way forward.

To end on a more frivolous note, I am personally very bored of sandwiches for lunch, and with the whole reining self in after 3895 helpings of Brie over Christmas comes the desire for something fresh and healthy- step in The Londoner’s yummy-sounding Travelling Noodles recipe- I’m all over this one!

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