Winter is coming: Trespass Abelia jacket review

As someone who spends so much time outdoors, it always amazes me how ill-equipped I am for anything other than running or cycling; the moment James and I go walking somewhere, I’m usually the one sliding around in trail shoes, skinny jeans and a hoodie under a running jacket whilst he’s toasty warm in proper hiking trousers and a good jacket, sure-footed in hiking boots. I’ve been angling after a good softshell jacket for ages now, but one that I’d be just as willing to chuck on with jeans for a stroll to the pub as I would proper kit for a hike. Enter the Trespass Abelia jacket that the lovely folks at Trespass sent me to try out!

Trespass Abelia jacket

Trespass Abelia jacket

I like this jacket because it’s:

  • lightweight and breathable- no feeling like I’m boiling in the bag the moment I get warm wearing it!
  • water resistant and windproof- I’ve not tried it in full downpours yet, but it kept me dry and toasty in several showers
  • adjustable in the cuffs so draughts don’t get in- a personal bugbear of mine
  • got two decent sized pockets and a properly sized hood, which make it a practical choice

When I was a teenager, I always used to resist having a ‘proper’ outdoors jacket, and even my parents were stunned when they saw me wearing this, but I really do like it- it’s nicely enough designed that it doesn’t look out of place with jeans for everyday wear. It fits fairly true to size too- I’m an 8-10 usually, and the small fits perfectly with room for baselayers or a hoodie underneath. It’s also reasonably priced (currently VERY reasonably priced as there’s a sale on!).

The only two minor gripes I have are with the lining. Considering it’s the kind of jacket I’d like to live and die in through the colder months, a white lining is perhaps not the most practical colour choice- I think it’ll start to look grubby inside pretty quickly, and I’m reluctant to keep washing it because of the weather protection. The lining also isn’t as plush and cosy as some of the softshells I’ve tried before- but then the price tag isn’t as plush either!

All in all, I think this is a great jacket for getting outdoors in this winter, and one I’ll certainly be wearing a lot- if I can get James to stop stealing it!

Trespass sent me the Abelia jacket for free to review, which I have done so after over a month of testing it. None of the links are affiliate and the photos were taken by James.


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