Christmas Gift Guide: Sporty Types

Realised that it’s the middle of December and you’ve still not thought of Christmas gifts for your sporty loved ones? Oh good, glad it’s not just me… Still, fear no more, for my list is here with some cool suggestions to suit all budgets, whether they’re a swimmer, cyclist, runner or triathlete.


Budget: £50-100
If you’re looking in this price bracket for your loved one, whether they’re male or female, you could do a lot worse than some HOY Vulpine kit. Rather than dropping that money on a tiny square of some naff Team Sky kit that’s eye-wateringly overpriced, why not spend instead on some beautifully made, cosy winter kit?

I’ve written about Chris Hoy’s range for Vulpine here before, and it’s no secret I’m a fan, but their range has some gorgeously cosy winter pieces. My pick? This cosy Roubaix (thermal) long-sleeved winter jersey, available in both men’s and women’s cuts. Both James and I have them and ours are hardly ever off either our bodies or our laundry airer.

HOY Vulpine Long Sleeve Roubaix Jersey, £79.99

Budget: £20-50

Whether you have a hill-climbing King or Queen of the Mountains, a wannabe sprinter or maybe they fancy themselves as the yellow jersey wearer, these Look Mum No Hands! pants would make a great present for a cyclist. Recently launched in female as well as male sets, they’re comfy, nicely made and packaged pants, and props to LMNH for their female campaign using kickass real cyclists to model them!

Look Mum No Hands! Podium Pants, £25 for a 3-pack (available in men’s and women’s)

Budget: Under £20

For under £20 for a cyclist, you cannot go wrong with something to keep their extremities warm on winter rides- they will LOVE you if your gift means they can feel their hands or feet at the end of a ride, and don’t arrive at their cafe stop miserable! Neoprene overshoes are a great bet, because they work like a wetsuit, holding in warmth even when they’re wet. I suffer from Raynaud’s and with good socks and neoprene overshoes, I never suffer dead toes any more! DHB kit from Wiggle is dependable and great value for money, and with speedy delivery too 😉

DHB Neoprene Overshoes, £19, available from Wiggle (unisex)


Budget: £50-100

If your beloved is out logging miles through winter, maybe training for a spring marathon, chances are they’d value some warm, well-fitting kit, with plenty of pockets for gels, keys and a phone- I know they’re the criteria I look for! For women, look no further than Lululemon’s Speed Tight IV: they’re absolutely perfect. Truly thick and opaque, available in a boat load of colourways, and beautifully fitting, with an abundance of pockets. They’re a joy to run in!

Lululemon Speed Tight IV, £98

For the male runner in your life? If he’s a tights man looking for cosiness this winter, these Lululemon Surge Tights look great!

Lululemon Surge Tight, £88

Budget: £20-50

If they’ve been logging the miles, chances are, I bet your runner has been forgetting to stretch out their hard working muscles. If they’re not a seasoned yogi, Jasyoga videos could be just the key to get them into taking care of their stretching, and if they are, I bet they’ll love Erin’s quick and simple videos, that are easy to slot in around busy days with a minimum of equipment. Hit up this link, and you can pay for a subscription for your loved one for as many months as you fancy-  it’s just $4.99 a month, so for under a fiver, they can have unlimited yoga classes in the comfort of their own home. Score!

Jasyoga Subscription, $4.99/month

Budget: Under £20

For under £20, there’s no gift I love to give to runner friends more than a Believe Training Journal, and there’s even two new colourways out this year. They’re from the US, but available on Amazon with free UK shipping, and they’re a beautiful training journal; more than just a space to write down training, but a book that, with the help of pro Lauren Fleshman, guides you through the process of reflecting on your training, and is filled with gorgeous photos, tips and motivational quotes. I’m on my second! They’re also not dated, so they can be started at any time of year.

Believe Training Journal, £13.99 via Amazon


Budget: £50-100

In my role as an Amphibia Sports ambassador* this season, I’ve been lucky enough to test their gear, from their X2 transition bag, through to accessories like their ring protectors and waterproof phone cases, and they’ve all been SO useful. So, how good is it that for Christmas they’re doing a bundle of ALL these things, in the brilliant X2 bag (reviewed here), 30% off? A great gift!

Amphibia Sport Race Pack, £79.50

Budget: £20-50

In this price range, I think one of the best gifts you can buy a triathlete is a really good-quality foam roller like this Trigger Point one. I’ve had mine for 3 years now, and have used it religiously, with no signs of wear and tear, and it’s even easy to take with you because it’s hollow, so you can fill it with stuff inside a suitcase. Whether it’s sore legs from all that riding and running, or an achy back from too many swim sessions, a good foam roller is a great gift for any triathlete- even if they don’t thank you when they’re actually using it!

Trigger Point The Grid Foam Roller, £27.95 via Wiggle

Budget: Under £20

Again, I know I’m probably biased because I now test products for Science in Sport*, but I’ve used them for a long time and they taste great, are easy on the stomach and not too expensive. If your loved one has yet to try them out, why not give one of their Christmas gift boxes? Available in either running or cycling specific boxes for £14.99, they’re a great way to try out a selection!

Science in Sport Cycling/Running Nutrition Kits, £14.99 each

*Apart from where clearly stated, I have included products here that I have bought myself, tested rigorously and really really loved. I receive Amphibia and Science in Sport products to test in my role as an ambassador for them, but I was not paid to include them here, and my opinions come after a full season of testing their products. 


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