5 goals for the next 5 months

I read a great post this week from one of my favourite new blogs, The Life Degree, which (somewhat scarily) pointed out that the Monday just gone marked 5 months until Christmas, which for me also means 5 months until I’ll be into focused ironman training for the Lakesman, and setting 5 goals for that time.

So, here are mine- some sport, some personal and some professional!

1. Spread a little kindness every day. Whether it’s taking newbies in my cycling club out for rides and showing them how beautiful West Yorkshire is by bike, little human touches like fetching patients blankets and cups of tea to help comfort them when they’re at their lowest, or doing my best to be a helpful, kind mentor to the new FY1 doctor I’ll be working with for the next 4 months as he takes his first, petrified, steps into being a great doctor.

2. Enjoy the process of triathlon training rather than just the outcomes. Last Sunday I did a beautiful ride out into the Yorkshire Dales on my own. With no goal in mind other than to enjoy it, I barely looked at my Garmin screen, and instead looked around me, taking lungfuls of beautiful fresh air and absorbing the sights and smells of a gorgeous, rainy day in the Dales surrounded by breathtaking views of the Wharfe Valley. I am so, so privileged to live and train where I do, so I’m going to seek out the enjoyment in training and the experiences that will give me confidence, alongside the plain old hard work.IMG_2721

3. Take better care of myself, not just the people I look after at work. I like to think I’m a thorough, kind doctor, but at times this year it’s come at the expense of looking after myself- so between now and Christmas I’ll be trying to make sure I drink more water and a little less coffee, get good quality sleep and continue packing balanced, healthy food for my workdays to power me through.


4. Try to set aside a little time a week for writing this blog- because I love writing about my experiences juggling work and training, and the eternal quest for balance, and hope it shows other busy women it can be done.

5. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. The past few weeks of really working on my swimming have been, frankly, bloody hard work, and have involved a lot of time outside my comfort zone. However, they’ve been fun, and have reminded me that being uncomfortable tends to be when breakthroughs happen!

If you were to set 5 goals for between now and Christmas, what would they be?

One thought on “5 goals for the next 5 months

  1. Scallywag

    5 goals for between now and Christmas:

    – Pass my viva
    – Get out in the hills more
    – Be kinder to my body (sleep, nutrition, not pushing too hard- food, exercise etc as nourishment)
    – Blog better, with stronger content and photography
    – Spend time with the people I value


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