Running legs & Iffley Road shorts

I’ve written about it before here, but I don’t think marathon recovery is something to be rushed; I think the impact on both your legs and body can’t be overestimated, and recovery looks different to everybody. Before The Lakesman relay, I received some Iffley Road shorts to test, and it took great patience not to run a marathon in them despite some promising test runs, and then not to rush my recovery just so I could run in them!Iffley Road Shorts

Once my running legs came back to me, I’ve carried on testing the Holly shorts from Iffley Road in Gravel Black, and despite them being pretty far from what I normally choose in shorts, I actually kinda like them! My norm is tight-fitting, stretchy, slightly longer cycling-style shorts, so these short, looser-fit shorts are a little bit different. Designed in Britain, they’re made from technical fabric in a flat-fronted, quite minimalist style- quite traditional in design. Iffley Road Shorts

I tested a size small, and found them to be really comfortable for my shorter runs, though those prone to the chub rub may want to give them a miss, as the looser fit and short length could make these a chafe-prone short. They stayed lovely and cool to run in though, even in the warmer weather, and I barely noticed them, apart from a quiet ‘swish’ to the fabric which even James noticed! The design is subtle but classy, and compared to the more garish Lycra in my wardrobe, I really like them for a more subtle piece of kit.Iffley Road shorts

So what’s next for these running legs now I’m all recovered from the Lakesman and I have new kit to play in? I spent a very interesting session with Tom at Trimechanics this week, where after getting over the horror of watching myself run in slow motion, I learned a few things about the way I run and why I get tired when I do, and get the niggles I do, and most importantly, picked up some homework for before my runs. This mainly revolves around’switching on’ the right muscles before my runs, and harnessing good natural posture to run in the most efficient way possible- got to be pretty handy with an ironman coming up!

Disclaimer: Iffley Road sent me the Holly shorts to run in and try out in exchange for my honest opinions about them after a decent period of testing. 

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