SKINS RY400 compression review

With any degree of training hard, comes the need to recover and repair; after all, what’s the point of training hard if you don’t look after your body well enough to benefit from it?

When SKINS got in touch with me in the autumn to see if I wanted to try out some of their compression wear, I jumped at the chance, given the winter training I had planned. The jury’s still out in terms of the science of it, but if there’s something relatively affordable that might help my muscles recover well, I’m down with that. Plus triathlon types love obscenely tight Lycra, right?SKINS RY400 compression

Since then, I’ve been wearing a pair of SKINS RY400 compression recovery tights after most of my sessions, and the matching long sleeved top as a layer when I’m desperately trying to get warm after chilly winter sessions. They’re panelled tights designed to support and compress key muscles like the quads, which has been proving pretty handy during some big cycling miles and hard turbo sessions- they feel like a cosy hug for my legs when they’re tired and sore.

SKINS RY400 compression

They’re lightweight, thin tights that are really comfortable, and easy to layer up under sweatpants when it’s really chilly, or equally to wear as PJ bottoms if the training has really been heavy that day. The thinking is that the gradient compression helps your muscles to recover by delivering more oxygen to them and helping reduce waste products like lactic acid that sit in your muscles, making them sore. Whether or not this is grounded in hard fact, I struggle to comment on, but what I do know is that alongside other recovery focused ideas like eating properly and doing mobility work, my legs are standing up well to a pretty big training volume at the moment.

As you might expect, given I’ve been wearing them a LOT since I got them, I’ve been washing them a lot too, and my only slight flaw I’ve found is that the fabric they’re made of develops small bobbles over time, particularly on areas like the knees and inner thighs. They’re also not the most opaque of tights- but then no compression tights on the market are, and it is what it is- for me the benefits of them far outweigh that minor downside.

Fresher legs for big training sessions just by lounging about? Cheers to that!

SKINS RY400 compression

If you fancy recovering in your own SKINS gear, they’ve given me a code for you all to get 20% off their new collection for two weeks- enter GOLDRUN20 at the till!

I was sent a set of the SKINS RY400 compression garments in the autumn to try out, and these are my opinions after a decent period of heavy usage.

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    “love obscenely tight Lycra” hahahahaa god, I’ve forgotten how true that is… I recall a guy from our club doing a local tri in speedos and vest crop top thing!!!! emulating the stars apparently… 😮 😮


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