I’m Sarah, a runner and fledgling triathlete living near Leeds, originally from near Lancaster. I’m a junior doctor, but when I put the stethoscope down I’m a big fan of being outdoors, and love nothing better than finishing a day exhausted, with muddy feet, messy hair and flushed cheeks.

Running was what got me fit and exercising in the first place, and will probably always be my favourite sport, but since I learned to swim and got to grips with cycling, as well as dabbling in triathlon, I’ve learned to love those too. In fact, 2017 is the year I’m going to be taking on my first iron-distance triathlon, amongst other races!

I’m a friendly soul, and you’re always welcome to contact me by email  goldilocksrunning@gmail.com twitter @IntrepidSarah or instagram @sarahlmarsden

You’re more than welcome to contact me about products, reviews and opportunities, but please read my guidelines & standards first, and be aware that if you are a company who operates to make a profit, I don’t write for free for you in exchange for ‘exposure’- FYI, that isn’t a currency.

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