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Want to work with me? You’re in good company! I’ve written for Like the Wind Magazine and Vulpine, as well as events like the White Rose Ultra and companies including Helly Hansen, Tribesports, SKINS compression, Nathan and nuun hydration.

I’m always open to receiving emails about writing and reviews, and love to work with companies who are as passionate as I am about sport. I do however have a few ground rules for such dealings:

1. I will always declare if I have received something in return for writing a post, whether it’s a product, invite to an event or cash.

2. I’ll only write about products, services or races that are things I’d consider paying for myself and that I consider to fit in with my values and beliefs about health and fitness. No detox products, clean eating or sexist products here.

3. Reviews that I write will be my honest, unbiased opinions about a product, after testing as part of my everyday life and training, for a decent length of time.

4. I’ll be open and honest in my dealings with brands and any partnerships I enter into with them, and will always endeavour to learn more about good blogging conduct.

5. I’d always rather go and experience something amazing rather than just be sent free samples to try, as I think experiences make better blogs than stuff, and the world can only handle so many sock reviews.

6. I’ll often write product reviews into posts about a wider topic, so please do have a read of some of my work and decide if this is something you’re okay with- I personally think it makes for more interesting reading than straight-up reviews.

7. Whilst I am opinionated about diet and exercise, I will stress that I am a qualified doctor, but not a dietician or personal trainer, and my opinions should not be taken as medical advice.

8. If you are a company who makes profit, then please be aware I do not write for free for you in exchange for ‘exposure’- it’s exploitative and unreasonable, and does not replace proper remuneration for writing time.

If these fit with what you’re doing in the health and fitness world and you’d like to work together, please drop me a line by email at and we can get creating something awesome!

2 thoughts on “Work with me

  1. Summersdale Publishers

    Dear Goldilocks Running,

    Re: Blog Reader Offer for Running and Triathlon titles

    We just love your blog and wondered if you might be interested in running a pre-Christmas competition for your readers giving away a pair of our new gift-illustrated titles on Running and Triathlon?
    I’ve copied a link to the books on Amazon below – but essentially they are large format, hardback books full of stunning photographs and inspiriting quotes to motivate all Runners and Triathletes.

    As they would make great Christmas gifts for all runners and triathletes we are more than happy to offer you a set to review, feature or giveaway as you like.

    Let me know what you think.

    If you’d like to know a bit more about us, Summersdale is a leading publisher of non-fiction titles based in Chichester, West Sussex. We publish the bestselling running title, “Keep on Running: The Highs and Lows of a Marathon Addict” by Phil Hewitt and are looking forward to publishing Laura Fountain (of Lazy Girl Running) and Katie Young‘s triathlon account “Tricurious” next year.

    All the best,

    Lizzie Curtin
    Senior Publicist
    Summersdale Publishers Ltd
    46 West Street
    West Sussex
    PO19 1RP

    Direct line +44 (0) 1243 756900
    Tel: +44 (0) 1243 771107, Mobile: 0750 574 5663
    Discover more at:
    Follow us on Twitter @Summersdale

  2. Marina

    Hey !

    My name is Marina, I m from Airia Running (, the Swedish company behind the fastest running shoe – Airia One. It’s not just a marketing claim – rigorous testing shows that 8 out of 10 runners run faster in Airia One running shoes (shaving anywhere from 1% to 7% off their run time).

    But this email is not about that.

    I want to recruit you personally to run an independent test of Airia One. I’ll bribe you with a free pair. I also respectfully request that you do a write up about your run for your readers.

    Please try a long distance race to really feel the difference of running in Airia One. I’m emphasizing the racing part because it’s really important that you actually race in them. We spent decades engineering and designing Airia One to specifically be the best running shoe – and you are a runner and an early adopter. You are the real life chance to test our years of work. I am counting on you to push both yourself and Airia One to the limit.

    Please send your address and shoe size to get your free pair of Airia One.

    I really hope you take me up on this offer/challenge and have your best run ever.

    Kind regards,



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