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Getting organised- the Amphibia Sport X2 bag

Perhaps the single most difficult thing about the switch from running to triathlon is the sheer amount of kit that it takes. Running races are pretty simple; turn up dressed and with your running shoes on, and you’re pretty much ready to go. Triathlon is a whole different ball game, with kit for 3 different sports to juggle. Transporting and organising all of that, plus a bike, from your car to the transition area for racking can be a slog and a half, especially if you don’t have a handy boyfriend/bag carrier/slave that you’ve dragged along for the day (cheers James!).

Over some open water swims, weekends away and my first Olympic distance tri this season, I’ve been testing out Amphibia Sport’s triathlon kit, in particular their X2 transition bag, which is one of the answers proposed to the endless kit and how to lug it conundrum.

Amphibia Sport X2 bag

Photo courtesy of James¬†on our trip to swim in Gadding’s Dam

I’m not one to fawn over products, but the Amphibia Sport X2 bag is genuinely brilliant for multi-sporting. It comfortably fits everything needed for a triathlon bar the bike in, and is really well thought-out, with features like big pockets on the inside for keeping things like your purse to hand, as well as a completely waterproof pocket inside that detaches, perfect for keeping wet swimming kit in whilst the rest of your stuff stays dry- it easily fits a wetsuit in. It also has a non-slip dry mat attached to the pouch, which is perfect for putting next to your shoes in transition and keeping your socks on so they stay dry! Other cool little features include a zip pocket suitable for money/your phone in the strap so things are to hand, a waist strap for added comfort and security when carrying it, a loop to attach your helmet on one side and a deep mesh pocket on the other, perfect for bottles and nutrition. They’ve even designed it to be the right size for airline carry-on so that your precious race kit can stay with you if you’re travelling to a race- can’t say fairer than that!

It’s clear from using and testing Amphibia kit that it’s designed by somebody passionate about multi-sport, who actually uses his products and refines the design based on feedback from his experience and that of customers. He must be doing something right, as Gwen Jorgensen uses his kit! I’ve also been testing the accessories, including ring protectors, waterproof mobile phone cases (an utter godsend for cyclists!) and race belts and am really, genuinely impressed.

I have been testing Amphibia Sport kit this season in my role as a brand ambassador for them, which entailed being given the X2 bag and the other kit mentioned for the range for free, in return for using and testing them, giving my honest feedback on the designs and getting them out and about. I have not been paid for this & all opinions are my genuine thoughts after 6 months of testing.